The Fables for Fluency downloadable eBook provides practice with phonics and syllabication patterns which students have already learned. Well-known fables (for example, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Fox and the Grapes) are presented as decodable text. Ten fables are included (2 with short vowels, 2 with v-e pattern words, 2 with long vowel teams, 2 with diphthongs, and 2 with r-controlled vowels). The fables are formatted in strips, so that students can take turns reading, use for such practice activities such as Reader’s Theater, and use for sequencing activities. Directions for use are included in the packet.

Through the use of these engaging stories that are part of our cultural heritage, struggling readers practice all elements of fluency – reading with accuracy, reading at an appropriate rate, and reading with proper expression.