*NOTE: This product is already included in our Intermediate Workshop

The focus of this Syllabication Unit is on the syllable division patterns & syllable division rules.

This syllabication unit is a wonderful bridge from Level 1 to Level 2 Orton Gillingham. It is important to assist students with understanding the concept of syllabication and provide them the tools to successfully decode multisyllabic words. As students transition to advanced language concepts, they will be well-equipped to glean from this new knowledge having mastered this Syllabication Unit.

The compilation of materials included in this unit are:

  • Steps to introducing syllable patterns
  • Steps to introducing syllable division rules
  • Syllable pattern pictorial for memory/recall
  • Syllabication deck 
  • Prepared syllabication lesson plans
  • Prepared syllabication student worksheets
    • Division Worksheets
    • Words for Spelling
    • Tier 2 Vocabulary Practice
    • RAN Practice for Fluency
    • Grammar Practice

It is difficult to put a value on such a comprehensive unit that plays a vital role in helping students attain mastery with syllabication. 

NOTE: The Syllabication Unit is included in the Intermediate Workshop