*NOTE: This product is already included in our Intermediate Workshop

The Intermediate Practitioner’s Notebook is a 348 page ebook and serves as a “bridge” that will move your students seamlessly from Level 1 O-G to the beginning of Level 2.

This bridge will cover the prefixes and suffixes that are commonly affixed to Anglo-Saxon base words (words that can stand alone), as well as the rules that govern the Anglo-Saxon words.

Embedded in this Intermediate Practitioner’s Notebook is 5 weeks of prepared lesson plans, reinforcement student sheets, & checks for understanding/progress monitoring. Please note that because of the diagnostic and prescriptive nature of the Orton Gillingham Approach, it is important to be a reflective practitioner & tweak your lessons when necessary to meet the individual needs of your students. This package should in no way take the place of your best teaching practices, but rather serve to minimize your prep time & perhaps organize your planning for optimal student success.

I hope you enjoy this resource and find it helpful as you teach your students the English language.