The Orton Gillingham Online Academy is pleased to provide this volume of words, sentences, and phrases to be used in conjunction with the Orton Gillingham Basic Language Course scope and sequence. It is important to provide students with ample opportunities to practice their newly learned skills to achieve mastery.

This resource can be used in the classroom during the Orton Gillingham lesson for added reinforcement. It can also serve as a resource at home for parents to practice with their child what he or she is learning during an Orton Gillingham lesson.

Embedded within the pages of this book are the following:

  • Phonetic word Lists
  • Phrases for decoding
  • Sentences for dictation
  • Extension activities for the older students

The following phonemes, rules, and patterns will be covered in eBook:

1.    -ly
2.   Stick Vowel Rule (soft c)
3.   Stick Vowel Rule (soft g)
4.   “y” as a vowel /short i – gym/
5.   ea /meat/
6.   ea /head/
7.   Plural Rule #3
8.   -tch (Soldier Rule #2)
9.   V/CV Syllable Division Rule
10.  VC/V Syllable Division Rule
11.   “y” as a vowel /long e – sunny/
12.  Adding suffixes (final -y) try-tries
13.  ai
14.  -igh
15.  -ed /ed – planted/
16.  -ed /d – flimed/
17.  -ed /t – wished/
18.  Consonant -le Pattern
19.  oa
20.  ir
21.  Kind Old Words
22.  oi
23.  ew /new/
24.  ew /nephew/
25.  kn
26.  ou /couch/
27.  ou /you/
28.  ou /shoulder/
29.  ou /country
30.  Schwa
31.  Doubling Rule (1+1+1)

32.  ch /sh/

33.  ur

34.  -dge (Soldier Rule #3)

35.  -tion

36.  alk/alt

37.  or /er – doctor/

38.  ar /er – collar/

I hope you find the contents within this book of help to you as you teach the English language.