This Orton Gillingham Handwriting Kit has been forged over many years of teaching using the Orton Gillingham Approach. It was created with the Orton Gillingham teacher in mind. Once a student is phonemically aware, meaning they are able to hear, identify, and manipulate the smallest units of sound (phonemes) within a word, they should then work on mastering the alphabetic principle, which simply means having an understanding that there is a logical connection between the sounds and symbols in the English language. This is where OGOA’s Handwriting Kit comes into play. As students correctly form the symbols (letters) of our alphabet, they are simultaneously saying the sounds those symbols make. As they work on correct letter formation, it is best at this stage to not say the letter name, but rather the sound the letter(s) makes. Saying the letter name is often a source of confusion for emerging readers.

NOTE: This is an evolving resource, and additional material may be added at any time. 


Handwriting Kit contents:

  • Informal Benchmark Assessment
  • Prepared lesson plans 
  • Gross & fine Motor activities for handwriting warm-up
  • Letters for tracing (both for pre-readers and older student remedial practice)
  • Student workbook
  • Phonemic awareness activities 


Once the Handwriting Kit has been mastered, the student will move on to our pre-reader materials, or if the Kit has been used as a remedial tool for the older student, continuing on with the Level 1 scope and sequence would be appropriate.


We, at OGOA, hope you find this Handwriting Kit a valuable tool in your classroom or home library. 

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.