This course category is for groups. These trainings are intended to function as support groups, as well as online Orton Gillingham trainings. 

Available group cohorts: 

  • Parent group
  • School district groups


This group now has open enrollment! 

If you are a parent of a child with dyslexia/SLD and you are interested in learning the Orton Gillingham Approach, this is the training for you! This course is self-paced and has discussion forums geared toward parents. New participants can join anytime, and you are welcome to participate in the parent discussion forums anytime, even after you finish the course.

This group is intended for parents of children with dyslexia/SLD and other language-based disorders. In addition to a 30-hour Orton Gillingham Basic Language training, this course will function as a support group for parents. 

Our Orton Gillingham Comprehensive course work is based on Orton Gillingham principles. This Basic Language Course (Level 1) is all-inclusive and will send you on your way to teach foundational literacy skills using this amazing, research-based approach.

Included in this Course:

  • Overview of Dyslexia and the Orton Gillingham Approach
  • All components of a successful Orton Gillingham lesson 
  • Initial and benchmark assessments
  • Teaching resources
  • Demonstration videos
  • Unlimited access to course content

FREE Materials Included for Parents: 

After completion of the Orton Gillingham comprehensive course requirements, the academy will award participants with a certificate of completion. Participants will have unlimited access to this course and can circle back to take a "refresher" course anytime at no additional cost.

NOTE: Immediate access to all course content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.

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Graduate level professional development credits are offered to those who successfully complete the course requirements after April 20, 2018. Bachelor's degree required to register for graduate credit hours.

This course is approved access only. 

This course is approved access only. 

This course is for Griffith Public Schools participants only.