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- $229.95 

*NOTE: This Lesson Plan Package is already included in the Orton Gillingham Basic Language (Level 1) Course. This resource is only for those who have completed OG training elsewhere, but are looking to minimize planning time.

The lesson plans are to be used in conjunction with the Level 1 Scope and Sequence, but should be tweaked where necessary to best meet the individual needs of your student(s).

Included in this Package:

  • Complete lesson plan package
  • Practitioner’s Notebook
  • Student Workbooks
  • Phonogram card deck (digital)
  • Pre-reader resources
  • Initial and progress monitoring assessments
  • Visual aids
  • PowerPoint presentations to supplement each lesson
  • Google Slide presentations to supplement each lesson
  • Other helpful lesson planning resources

NOTE: The information in this Lesson Plan Package serves as a refresher and supplement for those who have already completed a Level 1 Orton Gillingham Course. The information in this package will not replace Orton Gillingham training.

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.


This activity package will cover the basic language miscellaneous spelling rules and syllable patterns that govern the English language. Learning these concepts will open the door to accurate reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) skills. Those learning the English language need to have the tools in their toolboxes from which to draw in order to be successful with their literacy skills. The content and resources provided during this event will be invaluable tools students will use for a lifetime. They will become more confident with their literacy skills as a result of learning and applying these rules and patterns. The embedded concepts replace guessing with the knowledge of how the English language works.  When students apply that knowledge, they become more fluid and accurate readers and spellers. 

This activity package contains 9 modules including:

    • downloadable resources (nearly 400 pages) covering the basic language spelling rules and syllable patterns for use at home, school, or in virtual tutoring sessions.
    • special tips and instructional videos

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.

- $25

Fluency is a vital aspect of reading, as it bridges the gap between being able to identify or decode a word and comprehend the text.There is a misconception that fluency is simply reading quickly, and this is not an accurate assumption. Though rate is an element of fluency, it is important to note that reading proficiently does not mean reading as quickly as one can, but rather, reading with fluidity and automaticity, much like one speaks. 

Fluency is comprised of three elements:

  • Rate - At the rate of speaking or conversing with automaticity.
  • Accuracy - The ability to not only accurately decode words, but also to have a correct interpretation of the word within the text that leads to successful comprehension.
  • Prosody - The ability to read as one speaks with expression, appropriate timing, and intonation. Prosody resembles oral speech, which is neurologically identifiable.
Developing fluency is so important because when one is able to read with automaticity, or with very little mental energy involved, this opens the door to comprehending the text successfully, which is the end goal of reading.

Some students are not responsive to the general classroom instruction, and they need additional fluency intervention. It is not enough to simply ask parents to read more to their children, or to ask the student to do more independent reading (although these activities are important), they also need to be explicitly taught how to become fluent readers, and it is for this reason we created our Developing Fluency resource.  

Developing Fluency is divided into 3 levels.  Each level aligns with the Orton Gillingham Online Academy's Suggested Order to Present Phonemes, Rules, and Patterns. *Note: On this scope and sequence, columns 1 and 2 cover the concepts traditionally taught in preschool and kindergarten. These columns are not included in this resource.

  • Practitioner's Notebook Level 1 (91 pages) - Aligns with column 3  (1st grade)
  • Student Workbook Level 1 (97 pages)
  • Practitioner's Notebook Level 2 (105 pages) - Aligns with column 4 (2nd grade)
  • Student Workbook Level 2 (118 pages)
  • Practitioner's Notebook Level 3 (107 pages) - Aligns with column 5 (3rd grade)
  • Student Workbook Level 3 (160 pages)

Each level comes with the following:

  • An informal coding assessment for benchmark data
  • Fluency passages for hot and cold reads, along with progress monitoring tools, charts, and graphs
  • A Student Workbook for each level that provides student passages, fluency phrases (each passage has been divided into phrases for fluency practice), a comprehension activity, and a student chart for self-monitoring progress. 

We believe the strategies embedded in this resource will scaffold students to become independent and confident readers by developing fluency and bringing meaning and understanding to text.

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.


This package is intended to provide materials that can be used as a supplement to the Orton Gillingham lesson in online tutoring sessions or for review at home. We will have helpful information for parents, teachers, and tutors who are working with students at home or virtually.

Included in this package, you will find: 

  • 9 pre-reader review lessons including traceable cards and handwriting resources
  • 7 basic language review levels, including 15 review lessons in each level: word lists, phrases, passages with comprehension questions, sentences for spelling, and other games/activities for each lesson
  • Assessments to go with each level, to help parents and teachers place students in the appropriate level
  • Information about online tutoring, including interactive games
  • Online tutoring demonstration video

This package is the ideal supplement to our Orton Gillingham Basic Language Lesson Plan Package.

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.


It is a challenge to prepare Orton Gillingham lessons that are engaging and enjoyable for the students. This challenge has become much greater as more teachers/tutors are teaching via an online platform. We work overtime at OGOA to provide you with tools and resources to assist you with your prep time. The diagnostic and prescriptive elements of the Orton Gillingham Approach are so important when creating lessons to best meet the needs of individual students, and this must be done by the teacher... A scripted program often misses these essential elements. Having stated this, we can offer various resources to make your planning and prep time a little easier, and hopefully more rewarding for the students as well.

Your registration fee covers the cost of our learning management system and private classroom on a private server. Here you have access to 216 activities located in one place for your convenience. We provide a suggested order to present phonemes, rules, and patterns checklist for you to use as you navigate through the activities to make your planning time easy.

*NOTE: These activities do not take the place of an Orton Gillingham lesson, but rather, they provide a supplementary activity to assist with reinforcing the concept(s) you have taught to your student in the lesson. They can also be used if your student is having difficulty with a concept.

We hope you find these tools helpful. The links in each of the modules will prompt you to make a copy of the activity. If you are not familiar with editing and formatting the activities, it is best to leave them as is in order for them to work properly.

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.