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- $229.95 

*NOTE: This Lesson Plan Package is included in the Orton Gillingham Basic Language (Level 1) Course. This resource is only for those who have completed OG training elsewhere, but are looking to minimize planning time.

This lesson plan package serves to minimize the planning time for teachers who are already pressed for time. The lesson plans are to be used in conjunction with the Level 1 Scope and Sequence, but can be tweaked where necessary to best meet the individual needs of your student(s).

Included in this Package:

·      Complete lesson plan package

·      Practitioner’s Notebook

·      Student Workbooks

·      Pre-reader resources

·      Initial and progress monitoring assessments

·      Visual aids

·      PowerPoint presentations to supplement each lesson

·      Other helpful lesson planning resources

The information in this Lesson Plan Package serves as a refresher and supplement for those who have already completed a Level 1 Orton Gillingham Course. The information in this package will not replace Orton Gillingham training.

- $159.95 

*NOTE: This Transition Layer is included in the Advanced Language Continuum (Level 2) Course, so if you are planning to take the Level 2 Course, then you do not need to purchase this course.

This curriculum provides a seamless transition from Level 1 Orton Gillingham curriculum to the beginning of Level 2. This layer includes Anglo-Saxon base words, along with prefixes & suffixes that are commonly affixed to expand these base words. It also includes rules and patterns that align with Anglo-Saxon words. 

Included in this Course: 

  • Syllabication Unit (5-weeks of Syllabication Lesson plans and reinforcement activities)
  • Transition Layer prepared lesson plans  
  • Reinforcement worksheets
  • Weekly checks for understanding
  • Morpheme Families eBook (word lists, passages, comprehension questions, and sentences for dictation for each new affix)
  • Demonstration videos

This package is not intended to take the place of your best teaching practices. It is important to be diagnostic and prescriptive to best plan for your individual students, so feel free to tweak the lessons when necessary.  The package will minimize your prep time considerably and provide you with a logical scope and sequence that will guide your students seamlessly through to the advanced language continuum.